How to Make Porridge with Water

Oats, and more to the point porridge oats, are a brilliant way to start the day. Not only do they taste good but they also provide out bodies with an amazing amount of nutrients that can provide us with energy. Eating a portion of oats can also have the effect that we will not feel hungry for hours after eating a portion.

Porridge is a breakfast cereal that can be made by simply cooking oats with water or milk. Actually, porridge can be made from a variety of grains like spelt, buckwheat, brown rice and quinoa.

It is always tempting to have ‘the Full English’ breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, and so on but a bowl of well-prepared porridge is such a great way to start the day and very economical too!

One great added benefit of eating porridge, compared to other more calorific food types, is that due to the complex carbohydrates scientists have proven that oats provide our bodies with slow-releasing energy that is in stark contrast to so many fast foods that admittedly are so very tempting! In a nutshell you will feel fuller for longer and not need to snack in between the next meal.

Making Porridge with Water

It may sound somewhat frugal but making oats with just plain water and a pinch of salt makes a very fine bowl of porridge.

Many would say this is the real ‘Scots’ porridge without anything added.

You may well be pleasantly surprised by the results as for many this is the best way to eat porridge and the least fat too!

Basic Method:

  1. Simply measure a cup of porridge oats and pour into a small pan.
  2. Add a pinch of salt and then cover the oats with 1 and a half cups of water. You can always add a drop more during the cooking stage.
  3. Boil the porridge on a low heat and stir until the oats form a creamy consistency.
  4. Serve in a suitable bowl and then add brown sugar, honey or fruit. It is a great idea to taste the porridge without anything added as it is quite delicious on its own!

Did You Know?

Studies have suggested that porridge may well lower cholesterol as it contains the soluble fibre beta-glucan.

As porridge oats are rich in prebiotic fibres, it is a very good way to stimulate healthy gut bacteria and reduces the pathogenic varieties that we do not need.

As oats contain compounds including polyphenols these have antioxidant protective qualities.

Porridge can reduce our sense of hunger as the high fibre content and the beta glucan releases a hormone that is an appetite suppressant.

Fun Facts about Porridge


  1. After porridge, oatmeal cookies are the second most popular way to use oats in the kitchen
  2. As long ago as 7000 B.C in ancient China, oats were the earliest cereals grown and cultivated by farmers. However, it was in fact the Greeks that are the first civilisation to have made a type of porridge from oats.
  3. The very famous ‘Quaker Oats’ brand of oats first used the portrait of the Quaker Man from 1877 and has only been updated three times since then!
  4. The most popular toppings to put on porridge are fruit 9 bananas and raisins), milk and sugar.

So, however, you decide to enjoy your porridge just bear in mind that this very historic source of energy has been around a long time.