How to Cut Kiwi

A fuzzy brown exterior hides what is the most delicious soft green fruit interior. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the kiwi fruit is our succulent and exotic subject of taste and nutrition. Here we will provide the easiest way to cut a kiwi in a professional manner to avoid wasting any of this beautiful berry. In some ways, if you are unfamiliar with a kiwi, they can be slightly intimidating as their outer appearance is somewhat deceptive. Never judge a book by its cover; in this case, you may be missing out if you do with this sweet delight!

One of the great things about kiwis is their incredible nutritional value. One hundred grams of kiwi provides our bodies with plenty of vitamin c, vitamin B9, minerals and vital trace elements.

The Old Kiwi

The kiwi fruit has been popular since around the Song Dynasty of 12th Century China and is a native fruit of central and eastern China. It is also known as a ‘Chinese gooseberry’.

During the Second World War it first became popular with British soldiers when they were stationed in New Zealand. However, the nickname is actually in reference to the beautiful and unique bird which is famous in New Zealand and the symbol of the country. It is now a trendy fruit all over the world and is a brilliant source of anti-oxidant energy in the winter months when we most need it.

How to Choose a Kiwi

For the very best flavours, try and buy organic kiwis if available. The best tip for buying is to check for bruised or damaged flesh, and they should feel firm, not hard.

Cutting the Kiwi

As wonderful as they are, kiwis need to be handled with care as the outer fuzzy skin needs to be cut carefully and correctly so that we do not lose too much of the marvellous soft green flesh.

To help you to cut the perfect kiwi, a little preparation goes a long way. Here is all you need to make life simple and to get the most from this great fruit.

  1. A clean chopping board
  2. One sharp fruit knife
  3. A glass container with a tight lid

Make sure your chopping board has been wiped and best avoid anything that may have had contact with onion or garlic! Then all you need is a sharp knife for the best results and a glass jar in case you want to refrigerate the fruit later. This will keep for one or two days in the fridge. You are now set for fruit salad heaven!

The Cutting Method

  1. Rinse the fruit well under running water. This is because you cut through the outer skin and into the soft fruit and do not want to have anything contaminating the sliced fruit.
  2. Place the fruit on the chopping board
  3. Cut off the blossom and stem end of the kiwi.
  4. Stand the fruit on one end and cut with your sharp knife down through the outer skin. Try to keep as close to the skin as possible so you do not waste any of this marvellous green fruit.
  5. One alternative method is to cut the kiwi in your hand with a paring knife, which avoids any contact with a chopping board. This is best left to those of you who are confident with these types of hand skills.

Eating Suggestions

Apart from adding a splash of colour and flavour to a bowl of fruit salad, kiwis can add a special touch to various desserts.

Why not add a few slices on top of a fruit sorbet or try making a fruit kebab on a skewer? This is a great way to get kids to eat more healthy fruit in their diets!

One final note: if you find kiwis at a great price, they can freeze very well. The best thing is to follow our cutting tips and slice them up and then simply freeze in a suitable container. Kiwitastic!