5 Minute Recipes – When Time is of the Essence

When you are hungry but have no time to spare, what do you do? The first thing is to not go down the easy route. That sad road is filled with fatty, greasy and ultimately unhealthy foods. This is not rocket-science. If you want to maintain, both brain and physical function, healthy foods are paramount. And it is quite easy to achieve this goal.

You can whip up speedy snacks, meals, drinks and desserts in five minutes or less, either from scratch or using leftover ingredients.

How about a quick turkey couscous or a prawn and coconut soup? These meals are quick and easy and won’t impede on your busy schedule.

Try a lovely humus recipe or even something like a Mediterranean gnocchi. All easy to make with minimal preparation.

The chances are that you have never tried a Thai satay stir-fry. A beautiful and delicious dish that is the perfect quick meal, one pan, and just a fork to eat!

For those on the go at a quick rate, something like an open rye sandwich with halloumi and avocado is a beautiful thing. A lunch-friendly rye bread sandwich with salty cheese and guacamole.

All of these recipes and more can be found below. These are easy and can be made in under 5 minutes.