Absinthe Sazerac

Absinthe Sazerac
The recipe Absinthe Sazerac could satisfy your Southern craving in about 45 minutes. This recipe covers 0% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. This recipe makes 1 servings with 175 calories, 0g of protein, and 0g of fat each. Not a lot of people really liked this beverage. A mixture of peychaud bitters are available online at buffalotrace.com. if unavailable, 2 teaspoon sugar, ice cubes, and a handful of other ingredients are all it takes to make this recipe so delicious. It is a good option if you're following a gluten free, fodmap friendly, and vegan diet.


Fill old-fashioned glass with 1 cup ice and set aside. In second old-fashioned glass, stir together sugar, bitters, and ½ teaspoon water until sugar is completely dissolved, about 30 seconds.
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Add rye whiskey and remaining ½ cup ice, and stir well, at least 15 seconds. From first glass, discard ice, then add absinthe. Holding glass horizontally, roll it between your thumbs and forefingers so that absinthe completely coats the interior, then discard excess. Strain rye whiskey mixture into chilled, absinthe-coated glass. Squeeze lemon peel over drink, making sure oils fall into glass, then drop peel into drink, and serve.
Ingredients you will need
Lemon PeelLemon Peel

Recommended wine: Riesling, Sparkling Wine, Zinfandel

Riesling, Sparkling Wine, and Zinfandel are great choices for Southern. In general, there are a few rules that will help you pair wine with southern food. Food-friendly riesling or sparkling white wine will work with many fried foods, while zinfandel is great with barbecued fare. You could try King Frosch Riesling Auslese All Natural German. Reviewers quite like it with a 5 out of 5 star rating and a price of about 19 dollars per bottle.
King Frosch Riesling Auslese All Natural German
King Frosch Riesling Auslese All Natural German
Ready In45 m.
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