10 Favourite Winter Recipes for Dinner

Whether you love or hate winter, there is no denying that it gets dark earlier and it is colder. Often, when you arrive home on a cold winter’s night, there is nothing better than a hot dish to warm you from the inside out.

There are some fantastic winter recipes around that will provide you with a cosy meal and help to take away the winter blues.  Wintertime calls for hearty stews, pasta bakes, casseroles and meaty entrees. The great thing about these classic winter foods is that not only are they warming, but also, they are very easy to make.

Many people find that they have more time for cooking during the winter, simply because they are spending more time at home. Therefore, it can be a great time to try cooking something new before settling down to a cosy meal with your loved ones that will leave you with a warm glow that lasts through the night. No matter what type of food you enjoy eating, in our collection of favourite winter recipes, we are sure that you will find plenty that appeal. You may also be surprised by the diversity of choice; it is not all meat casseroles, so the vegetarians and vegans among you can also stay fed and warm.