12 Quick and Easy Side Dishes That Go With Any Meal

Many of us will have found ourselves in the situation where we have a fantastic idea for a meal’s main dish but have no idea what to serve with it. Perhaps you have picked up a chicken, some fish, or are making some pasta. These are all wonderful centrepieces in any meal, but no meal is truly complete without some tasty side dishes.

Luckily, there is a huge number of side dishes that you can choose from and there are more than enough options for every type of meal and diet.  Side dishes come in many forms; you can do a huge amount with vegetables, far more than a simple green salad or roast potatoes (although, there is nothing wrong with either of those options). Furthermore, if you look at world cuisines, then you may come across some side dishes that strike you as unusual, but appealing.

Here we have put together a collection of easy side dishes that you can rustle up in no time at all. No matter what your main is, you are sure to find some recipes here that appeal, and most importantly, they can be made quickly, so you don’t have to spend even longer in the kitchen.