Rocky Road Ice Cream

Rocky Road Ice Cream
Rocky Road Ice Cream requires about 1 hour from start to finish. This recipe covers 19% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. One portion of this dish contains about 15g of protein, 72g of fat, and a total of 996 calories. This recipe serves 4. It will be a hit at your Summer event. If you have cocoa powder, cream, marshmallows, and a few other ingredients on hand, you can make it. It is a good option if you're following a gluten free diet.


In a medium saucepan over low heat, cook and stir condensed milk and cocoa until smooth and slightly thickened, 5 minutes.
Ingredients you will need
Sweetened Condensed MilkSweetened Condensed Milk
Cocoa PowderCocoa Powder
Equipment you will use
Sauce PanSauce Pan
Remove from heat , and allow to cool slightly. Stir in heavy cream, light cream, and vanilla. Refrigerate until cold.
Ingredients you will need
Light CreamLight Cream
Pour mixture into the canister of an ice cream maker, and freeze according to manufacturer's directions. Stir in nuts and marshmallows halfway through the freezing process.
Ingredients you will need
Ice CreamIce Cream
Equipment you will use
Ice Cream MachineIce Cream Machine