Time for a Drink: Vieux Carré

Time for a Drink: Vieux Carré
Time for a Drink: Vieux Carré might be just the beverage you are searching for. Watching your figure? This gluten free, primal, and fodmap friendly recipe has 129 calories, 0g of protein, and 0g of fat per serving. This recipe serves 1. This recipe covers 0% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. From preparation to the plate, this recipe takes approximately 2 minutes. If you have rye whiskey, peychaud's bitters, cognac, and a few other ingredients on hand, you can make it. This recipe is typical of Mediterranean cuisine.


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice; stir well for 20 seconds and strain into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass.
Ingredients you will need
Garnish with a cherry.
Ingredients you will need

Recommended wine: Chianti, Trebbiano, Verdicchio

Chianti, Trebbiano, and Verdicchio are my top picks for Italian. Italians know food and they know wine. Trebbiano and Verdicchio are Italian white wines that pair well with fish and white meat, while Chianti is a great Italian red for heavier, bolder dishes. One wine you could try is Spalletti Chianti Reserve Poggio Reale. It has 5 out of 5 stars and a bottle costs about 23 dollars.
Spalletti Chianti Reserve Poggio Reale
Spalletti Chianti Reserve Poggio Reale
This superb reserve wine, produced exclusively from the Poggio Reale estate, is a graceful, velvety wine with the characteristically earthy Sangiovese aromas and ripe, balanced fruit flavors offset by a touch of oak.
Ready In2 m.
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